Our Services

Advanced Laundry’s 37,600 sq. ft. purpose-built facilities combine manpower and automation to handle over 54,400 kg of laundry per day. Delivery facilities are provided across the country and our qualified team of over 300 on-site personnel, drivers and supervisors undergo regular, stringent training to ensure that quality is never compromised.

Laundry Outsourcing

At Advanced Laundry, we combine automation and manpower to provide the most competitive service. Advanced Laundry cleans uniforms through an automated laundry facility employing the latest eco-friendly technology and utilizing barcoding through the entire process for greater efficiency and shorter lead times at competitive prices.

Laundry Management

Advanced Laundry provides in-house management, consulting and operational support to existing laundry facilities. Our in-house laundry solution is the ideal choice for hospitality clients allowing hoteliers and their staff to focus on their core business of serving guests while our qualified team manages the laundry requirements.

Medical Laundry

Advanced Laundry’s medical laundry processing facilities are entirely separate from our high-volume laundry process. We utilize controlled assembly lines to remove the risk of contagion and lengthen the life of fabrics. Advanced Laundry provides clean linen, uniforms, patient gowns and other fabrics with short lead times to support our client’s facilities.

Linen Leasing

Advanced Laundry offers linen leasing allowing our clients to have a ready supply of fresh linen without incurring purchasing costs. The unique solution from Advanced Laundry provides linen, uniforms, tablecloths, napkins and towels on lease. Linens can be customized with branding making leasing a viable new option.

Consumer Laundry

Advanced Laundry provides a cost effective personal laundry service for clothes, household linens and items. With pick up and drop service across Dubai & Abu Dhabi, we provide a professional and timely laundry service including specialist cleaning services for personal and household items using the latest equipment.

Uniform Tailoring

Advanced Laundry offers a range of uniform garments created in standard sizes with bespoke designs that can be customized by color and branding for each organization. We provide a range of uniform garments from daily uniforms to winter clothing for hotels, airlines, retail and facilities management industries.


Advanced Laundry addresses the high turnover and linen loss characteristics of hospitality industry needs by developing best practices in specialized laundry services for this sector. We form close business partnerships with housekeeping managers to find the best fit of customized solutions that are energy efficient and cost effective for hotel management. Our 24 -hour turnover is a trademark our loyal clients rely on.


Advanced Laundry provides specialist laundry services to protect patients and staff in a highly-sanitized environment. We have isolated our medical laundry facilities and established critical control points in our assembly lines that will help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and pathogens harbored within hospital linen, patient gowns and scrubs. In addition, we have a customized fleet of sanitized vehicles that are designed to transport healthcare laundry.


Servicing the Western region and outskirts of Dubai, Advanced Laundry’s reach within the UAE provides technical staff at energy sites with clean, protective uniforms that remain safe with our use of appropriate detergents, settings and cycles that delay the wear and tear of workwear textiles, maintaining their durability.Advanced Laundry deploys vehicles to pick up and deliver laundry to remote sites insuring our client’s core operations remain undisrupted.